Babar Azam midst ‘controversy’ on allegation videos, photos viral on social media

Babar Azam on allegation videos, photos viral

Babar Azam, the captain of the Pakistan cricket team, is in the midst of controversy on allegation videos viral leaked on social media these days. Another girl has accused Babar Azam of infidelity. Babar Azam’s captaincy was being criticized for the poor performance of the Pakistani team, now other controversies were also arising.

Babar Azam on allegation videos, photos viral on social media:

It should be noted that the woman has shared some videos and audios from a social media account named Esha Rajput in recent days. In this video, it can be clearly seen that Babar’s is sitting in a car with a woman. While in the second video, the Pakistan captain is seen alone. Apart from this, an audio has also been shared in which Babar Azam voice is allegedly heard. But it should be noted that no forensic test has been done on these videos and audios.

Let me make this clear to you here, Babar Azam has been accused of immorality even in 2020. A woman from Lahore, whose name is Hamza Mukhtar, had accused Babar Azam of immoral and serious nature. A case was also registered in that regard.

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