Boxer Aamir Khan will give 2 crores every month to the flood victims

During the live transmission of Imran Khan, Aamir Khan has announced to give 2 crore rupees every month during the direct call. Imran Khan appealed to the international community for fundraising for the flood victims. Senator Faisal Javed Khan hosted the program. It should be clear that during this transmission, more than 5 billion was deposited in Imran Khan’s fundraising account. Which is a record in itself.

Today, Pakistan is under severe flood. In which more than 1100 people died, millions were injured, millions of people were internally displaced, and the possibility of loss of more than 1,200 billion rupees is being shown.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan organized an foreign telethon to raise funds for the flood victims, during people also spoke to Imran Khan over the phone to offer their donations for the flood victims.