Pakistan Cricketer Saleem Malik’s strong reaction to Wasim Akram’s allegations

The former Pakistan’s captain and fast bowler Wasim Akram’s has published his book in recent days. In which dangerous revelations have been made. Wasim had accused Saleem Malik in his book that Malik is a selfish person. They used to treat me as their slave and ask me to clean their clothes and shoes.

Wasim further writes in his book that Salim Malik’s father was a commissioner and the political and recommendation system has been running in Pakistan cricket since the beginning.

Salim Malik strong reaction to Wasim Akram’s allegations;

In response to Wasim’s accusations, Malik says that I do not know whether Wasim has written these accusations as a joke or for the publicity of his book. I have called Wasim Akram several times to find out about this, but the contact was not possible. I want to ask why it is written in the book. Anyway, there was a machine to wash clothes, why did I need to talk to someone?

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Malik further said that Wasim was 5 years junior to me and made his debut in my captaincy. . If I were a negative person, I wouldn’t let him bowling. I don’t want to comment on this until I speak to Wasim.

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