Sachin Tendulkar: Who will be the top 4 Semi-Final team of T20 World Cup?

The T20 World Cup has reached it’s peak today. Not only cricket fans, former captains also seem to be commenting on it. Recently, while giving a look at the T20 WC Cup, the famous Indian batsman said that the whole world is waiting for the matches between Pakistan and India. These matches have their own craze and viewership.

In response to a question, Sachin predict and also revealed the names of the top semi-finalists. According to Sachin (Prediction) team are, India, Pakistan, Australia and England were named as the top 4 (Semi-Final) teams of this event. and regarding New Zealand, he said that New Zealand is a dark horse like South Africa. Their luck also does not support them well in these big events.

While talking about the (T20 World Cup), Sachin Tendulkar further said that the Indian team will beat Pakistan in their first match. My heart beats with Indian team. And the Indian combination has enough potential, it can destroy Pakistan and any cricket team.