Shahnawaz Dahani worst bowling in 3rd T20

The discussions of new coming bowler Shahnawaz Dahani were very much. Today, after the match, their discussions will be more. But their discussions will not be in good words but in worst bowling in 3rd twenty20 cricket against England. Dahani gave 62 runs in 4 overs. This is considered to be the 2nd most expensive spell of Pakistan Cricket.

Before this, Usman Shinwari has done the first most expensive spell. He gave away 63 runs in 4 overs. If Dahani would have given 1 more run, he would have taken Usman’s worst record. Let’s make this clear, Pakistan lost this match by 63 runs.

Pakistan Fans will not forget this spell of Dahani, Along with this, Dahani himself will never forget this spell.