Shan Masood wedding ‘celebrations’ begin, videos n photos viral on social media

Before the wedding, a ring ceremony was held between Shan and his future wife Meshe Khan. The video and pictures of which are going viral on social media platforms.

In the (Shan Masood Wedding videos) viral, Shan and his bride are seen wear rings to each other along with other members of the family in a happy manner. According to Shan’s Valima card, the Valima will held in Karachi on Friday, January 27. In this event, many former and test cricketers including well-known social, business and political personalities have also been invited.

source : (Twitter)

While talking to a private channel, he said that he is going to marry his favorite, the bride has been his best friend in his past life and now i am happy is going to be my life partner. Meshe Khan belongs to Peshawar. The vice-captain further said that his bride-to-be will help him become a better person as well as a better cricketer. Ever since she came into his life, there has been a good change in my life.

Pakistan’s vice-captain Shan Masood is the son of Mansoor Masood Khan, who is associated with a well-known banker, his uncle Waqar Masood Khan was the secretary of finance in the government of Pakistan.

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