Some revelations about Pakistan cricketer Shaheen Afridi’s injury: When will be able to play now?

Close sources have made surprising revelations about the injury of the fast bowler of Pakistan’s cricket. According to close sources and experts, Shaheen Afridi was not fully fit to play T20 World Cup. Despite this, they were fed in the T20 mega cup by taking the risk. Where he got injured again in the final match.

According to experts, if Pakistan Cricket Board does not take it seriously, then Shaheen’s injury can become serious. According to Shaheen’s injury, this controversial news was circulated earlier. Shaheen Afridi is looking after all the matters himself and PCB has left him alone in this matter.

source : (Twitter)

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Some close sources have also said that the situation of Shaheen Afridi is not what is being told. Shaheen’s injury seems to be quite serious and if not handled well, the big player may have to forget for a few years.

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