T20 World Cup Prize: How much Money did Pakistan get in this big event? And How much should the other country get?

Check out the below here (Prize money) of ICC T20 World Cup. According to International Cricket Council (ICC), you will be stunned to hear how much money the (T20 World Cup) winning and runner-up team has received. According to the ICC, the entire event is worth 5.6 million US dollars. Which is about 1 billion 26 crore 80 lakh rupees according to the currency of Pakistan.

The winning team of T20 World Cup, England, has received around 36 crore rupees according to PKR currency. And the Pakistan runner-up team has received around 18 crore and Eleven lakh rupees. The matter does not end here, India and New Zealand, who lost in the semi-finals, have been given around 9 crore rupees and the team that reached the Super 12 stage and played the match has been given 40 thousand dollars for each match.

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It should be clear here that the price value of the trophy given to the winning team is different.

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