Usman Wazir Boxer: The Shining Star of the Country

Pakistani boxer Usman Wazir won the ‘Youth Title Fight’ in Bangkok and won the title. Usman Wazir won big fight by knocking out Thai’s boxer Somput Seesa in the sixth round.

Usman opened quite aggressively from the beginning. In front of which the Thai boxer seemed helpless, his movement and punching left the opponent boxer stunned. Opponent Boxer also had some advantage of his home ground, but Somput Seesa could not take advantage of this advantage and was piled up in six rounds.

Make this clear to you, Pakistan boxers entered the ring for the first time in this competition. When Usman was asked in an interview after the win, “Who do you give the credit for your win?”, first he gave the title to his parents. He also thanked to his training coach and adding that there was no support at the government level. The Government should support the new talents so that medals can more come of Pakistan.

Usman Wazir, who hails from Astur area of Gilgit Baltistan, has also won the World Boxing Federation Middle States title earlier.

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