What Sachin Tendulkar write in praise of Wasim Akram? read in detail

Here’s below is know about what Sachin Tendulkar write in praise of Wasim Akram?. The great Indian batsman wrote in his book that cricket is a team game but actually it is a battle of batting and bowling.

He wrote while praising his rival Pakistani player, Wasim Akram was always a challenge for his rivals. Sachin Tendulkar further wrote that while playing against this excellent quality bowler, the batsman also gets to learn a lot and gets an opportunity to improve his game plan, this experience is always remembered by you. Wasim Akram was a master bowler, It will not be wrong to say that the ball spoke in his hands, Wasim Akram’s run-up was natural, he never needed to count his steps.

Sachin Tendulkar write praising Wasim Akram!

The legendary batsman further writes that when I faced his bowling for the first time it was a completely new and unique experience for me, I remember every match played against his bowling very well.

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